Cup of Sorrow

Prideful, stern mountain range, the season softly whispers of change

The colored birds above running, such grace, almost cunning

We circled around the cavernous well, wills captured by love’s spell

With cold comforts of the rain, our life left like a speeding train

Alone in my defeat, I wipe a tear, seems you have me beat

I only request, please remember me, alongside with my misery

The length of time it taunted, how it lost me all I ever wanted

Crying out to heaven of a storm that lives inside, the torment I hide

The agony of my breaking so consuming, the warmth of memories alluring

Can’t anyone see this pain, or are they assuming I’m fine again?

Return; once more pass me by, the price we paid rings much too high

Twilight dreams comfort easy, leave the aching heart light, breezy

You’re out of reach, in this bleak dark, please find a way back to my heart

The dawn leisurely breaks, we are reminded of all lasting mistakes

Life sometimes loses its alluring glow, crawls so utterly slow

Trying to live for today, everyone forgets, looks the other way

Back and forth I sway, with winds leading my humble way

My eyes shut tight, anticipating the end, losing all will to fight

Another downhill slope of mine, such a steep decline

Like cold and lifeless stones, sorrow itches in my bones

I look back on when you left me, I can’t leave that memory be

So many mistakes we’ve both made, mistakes we can’t evade

Standing in the pouring rain, I try to wash away death’s stain

Time with you was mine to borrow, I’ll still be paying for it tomorrow

I try to pull away, yet etched deep into my heart you stay

I paint the face in my reflection; it’s a simple art of imitation

Seems after these throbbing aches go, I see I still love you so

Maybe we weren’t meant to last, beyond the seasons that have passed

So I raise the cup and propose a toast, to you – to what hurts me most

It’s the bitter cup of sorrow; I take a deep breath and sullenly swallow

The above is something I wrote years ago. I’m in the process of moving files over to a different computer and stumbled across it.

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