Grumpy Cat

03/24/2013 Entry

Someone on Facebook posted a first time video of Grumpy cat. Apparently, until today, there were NO videos of this cat, just pictures. Watching that video made me sit there, sob, and have this terrible ache in my heart.

Brandon loved Grumpy cat; he made the cutest impression of her. After this cat got popular, any time he wouldn’t get his way, he’d give me the “Grumpy cat” pout. I loved it. I still do. What I wouldn’t give to see it again. He’ll never get to see a video of this stupid cat. Because he’s dead. And I still don’t understand how that can be possible. It’s almost been a month and every day I still think I’m going to wake up from this nightmare.

So, to sum up today: I held it together pretty well all day at work, only cried once during lunch, actually felt okay (though I know that it’s the fog). And what drops me to my knees? A stupid Grumpy cat video. Yup. I think I may go crazy before this is over.